Alaska Botanical Garden Master Plan

The master plan for the Alaska Botanical Garden will guide the phased development of the 110-acre site in Anchorage, Alaska. The layout for the visitor center, service areas, entry drive, drop-off and parking lot directs visitors to the arrival space, enhances views and provides easy access for buses, passenger vehicles, and service vehicles. The master plan delineates the native plant communities to be preserved and guides the development of display and demonstration gardens on less sensitive lands near the visitor center. The document is being used to manage the garden’ plant collections, improve exhibits and interpretive materials, preserve the unique ecological communities on the site, and organize nature tours, educational workshops, and other interpretive activities for school districts and other youth groups. The plan also provides a framework for developing supporting resources such as a herbarium, library, service greenhouses, and propagating facilities appropriate to the Alaska Botanical Garden’s educational and developmental mission.