Wolfcreek Ranch, 160 Acre Estate

The site and landscape work for this project began in 2005 with the design and layout of a mile long driveway up the mountain. The project is currently on-going and has included master planning through construction administration services. The project is located at 9,000 feet in elevation in the middle of an aspen forest. Planning and design have been carefully developed to replicate and enhance the native existing landscape and minimize construction impacts. The project has included the design, site layout, and construction administration for a 3/4 surface acre pond, two re-circulating creek water features, site grading, relocation of 145 large caliper aspen trees, paths and walkways, and the development of site specific seed mixes. On-site coordination and collaborative relationship with the contractors have been critical to the success of the project. G. Brown Design has worked directly with the contractors to evaluate proposed building locations, guide all site grading, coordinate tree re-location and plant placements, and direct the layout of all creek features. This has resulted in site elements that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.