Park City Medical Center

G Brown Design provided site planning and landscape architecture services for Intermountain Health Care’s Park City Medical Center. A major emphasis of the project was to successfully blend the project with the adjacent existing hillside while still providing safe and accessible pedestrian, vehicular, and emergency vehicle circulation. G Brown Design was able to accomplish this through careful roadway layout, building placement, and the use of native plantings which included custom seed mixes developed to replicate the adjacent hillsides. The project site includes approximately 310 surface parking spaces, a 110 stall parking structure, and a helipad. Landscape Architecture services on the project included site planning, planting design, and irrigation design. Our services included working closely with the architect to meet all FAA site design requirements for the helipad. G Brown Design coordinated efforts with Park City Planners to make sure requirements of the Urban Wildland Interface Code were met and worked with the design team and the Army Corps of Engineers to facilitate roadway crossings over the wetlands located on the project site. G Brown Design worked closely with the owner to provide estimated landscape water use calculations to assist with water negotiations with Park City Municipal Corporation and the local improvement district. The project included over 15 acres of landscape area, of which only 12% will be permanently irrigated. The Irrigation System for the project includes two three inch points of connection, a three inch looped mainline, and approximately 145 irrigation zones.