Park City Olympic Legacy Entry

“Making Tracks,” a landscape sculpture designed by G Brown Design, Inc. Site and Landscape Architects and artist Cliff Garten, was chosen by the Park City Municpal Corporation for the city’s Olympic Legacy Entryway in a national design competition. The form of the 3’ wide, 3/4” thick stainless steel ribbon weaving through the landscape may be interpreted as a variety ofPark City images – a ski trail in the snow, a mountain bike track, a luge and bobsled run, or a roll of movie film. Berms in the form of moguls complement the undulating steel ribbon, which culminates in a 17-foot high arch framing the distant view of Park City. A hole through arch in the shape of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games symbol is aligned to focus a beam of sun onto a plaque below the arch at noon each February 8, commemorating the opening day of the Olympics.