Provo Adaptive Playground

G Brown Design designed a new all-inclusive playground to replace the aging play equipment at Provo’s North Park. Developing a design that retains the areas many large existing trees added to the challenge of the project, but also created exciting play opportunities. They key objective of the project was to develop a playground designed to address the needs of users across the developmental continuum by providing variety and graduated levels of challenge with a focus on collaborative, sensory, and unstructured play. G Brown Design worked with the City’s Design Committee to develop a new play environment that will provide equitable play opportunities foe individuals of all abilities. The playground includes:

  • Musical Sensory Area
  • Custom Interactive Water Feature
  •  Custom Concrete Embankment Slide
  • Electronic Pulse Play
  • Sand Play Areas
  • Custom Tree Net Structure
  • Zip Lines with Molded High Back Seat
  • Variety of Swing Types
  • Spinners
  • Play Mounds
  • Picnic Areas
  • Whimsical Hobbit Doors

G Brown Design used a combination of 3D modeling and Lumion to create perspective images and videos to convey design ideas to the client. The use of Lumion helped the client see the newly designed park in a whole new perspective and brought the entirety of the playground to life.