Wasatch County Mountain Residence

Our firm collaborated with Cameo Homes to develop a landscape master plan and construction documents for this high mountain estate project.  The Construction Documents included site layout, grading, planting and irrigation design.  The goal of our design was to provide areas for both passive and active recreation in the landscape while using a native and/or adaptive plantings integrated into the high mountain environment. Some of the program elements in this design are:

  • Custom Elevated Play Fort with Rope Bridges, Climbing Wall, & Swings
  • Synthetic Turf
  • Fire Pit and Patio Area
  • Golf Putting and Pitching Greens
  • Golf Tee Boxes
  • Volleyball
  •  Stone Steppers
  • Native and Adaptive Plantings

Adonis Dr. Residence

Our firm provided design-build services to improve the landscape at this newly remodeled residence in the Salt Lake Valley. The new site and landscape design integrated the modern style of the remodel into the landscape to create a unified feel throughout the property. Some the the program elements included are:

  • Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Metal Raised Planters
  • Concrete Steppers
  • Lighting Along Pathways
  • Lawn Area