Park City Medical Center

G Brown Design provided site planning and landscape architecture services for Intermountain Health Care’s Park City Medical Center. A major emphasis of the project was to successfully blend the project with the adjacent existing hillside while still providing safe and accessible pedestrian, vehicular, and emergency vehicle circulation. G Brown Design was able to accomplish this through careful roadway layout, building placement, and the use of native plantings which included custom seed mixes developed to replicate the adjacent hillsides. The project site includes approximately 310 surface parking spaces, a 110 stall parking structure, and a helipad. Landscape Architecture services on the project included site planning, planting design, and irrigation design. Our services included working closely with the architect to meet all FAA site design requirements for the helipad. G Brown Design coordinated efforts with Park City Planners to make sure requirements of the Urban Wildland Interface Code were met and worked with the design team and the Army Corps of Engineers to facilitate roadway crossings over the wetlands located on the project site. G Brown Design worked closely with the owner to provide estimated landscape water use calculations to assist with water negotiations with Park City Municipal Corporation and the local improvement district. The project included over 15 acres of landscape area, of which only 12% will be permanently irrigated. The Irrigation System for the project includes two three inch points of connection, a three inch looped mainline, and approximately 145 irrigation zones.

Summit County Health Services

G Brown Design provided site planning and landscape architecture services for the Summit County Health Building. These services included concept design through construction period services for site and landscape. Some project features and services provided are as follows:

• Terraced stone veneer walls
• Stacked stone slab walls
• Dry creek bed feature incorporated into
storm drainage system
• Native plantings including custom native
grass and wildflower seed mix
• Designed to meet Urban Wildland
Interface Code
• Assisted with sourcing and selection of
site stone at quarry

Ponds, Creeks, & Water Features

G Brown Design has provided design and Construction Period Services for several ponds at different private residences over the past few years. Ranging from 1/2 acre to 1-1/2 acre in size, the ponds were designed to provide recreational opportunities such as fishing, while also providing irrigation storage and added fire protection to the properties G Brown Design has also provided design and Construction Period Services for naturalistic creeks that provide improved pond circulation, enhance the fishery, and add to the overall aesthetic of the property. G Brown Design has also been involved in the design enhancements and improvements to Daybreak’s Oquirrh lake. This work has included the planting of over 100,000 wetland plants, tree and shrub plantings, and design and Construction Period Services of two creeks feeding into the lake.

Victory Ranch Residence

G Brown Design, Inc. developed a masterplan for this high mountain home located approximately 6,500 feet in elevation. The plan includes a formalized landscape of perennials, wildflowers, and native plants which carefully transition back into the native landscape. The plan also incorporates a greenhouse with adjacent garden courtyard, fire pit, and slope stabilization. G Brown Design, Inc. provided construction administration services for the project to ensure quality and minimize construction impacts to the native surroundings. G Brown Design worked closely with the landscape contractor to stake exact locations of plant material, including 14’-18’ tall evergreens and 25’ tall Aspens, around the home in order to preserve the stunning views of the surrounding landscape while maintaining an ambiance of privacy for the residents.

Wolfcreek Ranch Private Residence

G Brown Design, Inc. developed a master plan for the 1,000-acre Ranch near Woodland, Utah, and is providing designbuild construction services for the 10 acres being developed around the home. Site improvements include an outdoor amphitheatre, barns and horse paddocks, a wildflower meadow which will also serve as a seasonal ice skating rink, a 1.5-acre pond, a recreation field for year-round use, and interconnecting trails which follow the
natural contours of the land. The site is located adjacent to the Wasatch National Forest at an elevation of 8,000, boasting panoramic views of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains. Groves of quaking aspen and mature fir trees on the property support numerous species of wildlife. Old jeep roads were revegetated using a tree spade to relocate nearby trees into the roadway. Native grasses, forbes, trees and shrubs were added to enhance the existing vegetation. Natural materials were also incorporated into the site amenities, and the home was carefully sited in order to minimize impacts on the vegetation, wildlife, and view corridors.

Wolfcreek Ranch, 160 Acre Estate

The site and landscape work for this project began in 2005 with the design and layout of a mile long driveway up the mountain. The project is currently on-going and has included master planning through construction administration services. The project is located at 9,000 feet in elevation in the middle of an aspen forest. Planning and design have been carefully developed to replicate and enhance the native existing landscape and minimize construction impacts. The project has included the design, site layout, and construction administration for a 3/4 surface acre pond, two re-circulating creek water features, site grading, relocation of 145 large caliper aspen trees, paths and walkways, and the development of site specific seed mixes. On-site coordination and collaborative relationship with the contractors have been critical to the success of the project. G. Brown Design has worked directly with the contractors to evaluate proposed building locations, guide all site grading, coordinate tree re-location and plant placements, and direct the layout of all creek features. This has resulted in site elements that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

Wheelright Ranch

The Wheelwright Ranch is located on a 43-acre site on the Weber River in Oakley, Utah. The project incorporates sustainable systems for flowing water and wind power in a setting of preserved and restored native plantings. Retained by the owner early in the project, G Brown Design Inc. worked with the architect to establish grades and locate the home and out buildings on the site. Working carefully to respect the viewsheds and natural beauty of the land, GBD designed a master plan reflecting the owner’s goal to establish a working ranch. GBD designed open fields, new roadways, and a grand entry drive with working barn, bridle paths, and pastures. All elements rely on a windmill and pond system generated power, which, in addition to aesthetics, provides water for the horses, fields and landscape. A stone ‘Ha Ha’ wall corrals the horses and preserves views across the fields from the home. The Wheelwright Ranch received a Merit Award from the Utah Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and was featured in the Tucker Awards issue of Building Stone Magazine, July/August/ September 2001.

Daybreak Art Elements

The park is a linear and connects the Oquirrh Lake Openspace with the Openspaces to the East of the Daybreak community. Residents are enticed into the park by numerous pre-cast concrete art forms are incorporated into a perennial landscape along the interior pedestrian walk. You will not see “keep off” signs here. The art pieces are designed to take the abuse of skate boards, bikes, and whatever creative ways people play. This has been very popular and creates a dynamic landscape where people become part of the art and landscape. In addition to the main walk there is a flag stone path that meanders around the art elements and perennial garden beds. This gives pedestrians a direct route where they can play on the elements or leisurely stroll around them.

Sandy City Cemetery Master Plan

Sandy City selected G. Brown Design, Inc. to prepare a master plan for the historic Sandy City Cemetery. The original cemetery, in use since 1873, is nearing capacity. The city obtained an additional 6.75 acres adjacent to the existing cemetery for expansion. GBD prepared a master plan that integrates the site into the neighborhood, while providing access and utility to the community. Rather than leaving the land vacant, informal playing fields will be developed on part of the 6.75-acre expansion parcel until the land is needed for burials. The plan also calls for a committal service shelter, restrooms, and enhanced parking to provide facilities for family gatherings as well as funerals. Buildings, structures and signage are proposed to be in keeping with the historical look and feel of the existing cemetery.

Grantsville Library

G Brown Design worked as part of the Blalock and Partners Design Team to provide design concepts, construction documentation, through to construction period service for the Grantsville Library. G Brown Design collaborated with the architect to develop the site design and site materials. All photos shown are courtesy of Blalock and Partners Design.

Willamette National Cemetery

As part of the Mayer/Reed Team, G Brown Design, Inc. was the cemetery designer on the 270 acre Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon. The project included the construction of a new columbarium providing an additional 10,000 niches supplementing the existing columbaria at Willamette National Cemetery. GBD provided schematic and design development plans and produced construction documents for the new columbarium. A number of various site improvements to the cemetery include: installation of approximately 4,500 preplaced crypts, drainage improvements and new public restrooms.